City Color Assorted Lipstick Swatches

City Color Assorted Lipstick Swatches

Disclaimer: What works for me, may not work for you, and vise versa. Take my opinion as it is– an opinion, a grain of salt.

Disclosure: None of this is sponsored. I bought everything with my own money.

Copyright: All the pictures, thoughts, and opinions are mine. The gifs do not belong to me and is credited to their rightful owners, thank you for making amazing gifs and reactions!

Another lip swatch and review. Hope this helps!

Be Matte Lipsticks – P225 (Cheaper prices available online)

Lip swatches in natural daylight

M34 Valerie

Soft dusty baby pink. MLBB-pink version. With light dusty colors like this, it has a tendency to wash out those with tan skin. Great for those with lighter skin!

M14 Salmon

Bright coral-pink color. Such a fun shade! Love this for the gradient lip style look! Adore adore adore! Looks great on every skintone or skin undertone.

M13 Coral

A bright coral shade. Salmon is brighter, and this has more orange undertones than Salmon. Amazing lip color to pair with a girl-ish make up looks for that delicate petal lip style. Amazeballs. Just amazeballs. Love this color in the summer!

M1 Melon

A red muted-wine color. It reminds me a lot of Wet n Wild’s ‘In the Flesh’ but with more reddish undertones.

Formula is very matte, and it tends to be more matte and less creamy than other available drugstore lipsticks on the market, thus it has a tendency to settle into fine lines. I also find that some of the formulas work better without lip balm underneath (Coral and Valerie), although I suggest prepping your lips with lip balm upon the application of your foundation and other make up then just wipe it off before applying the lipstick. Better exfoliate and keep them hydrated because this lipstick won’t provide moisture to your lips. There is a slight tendency to drag when applying this lipstick, it needs some warming up, but the longevity is amazing! Really love using this to achieve a gradient lip look and they last for hours. It has no particular smell to it and the packing is study enough. The angle of the lipstick also makes it pretty easy to apply. Overall, I do like this, although it isn’t as creamy as those in the market now. So it might not be for everyone. If you like the colors they offer and want to try a certain shade, then go get it! I highly recommend getting the bright colors and rocking a gradient lip style! This lipstick works best for that style. Plus, it makes a person more youthful!

Tip: For that gradient lip look, apply a generous amount of lip balm before application, blend out the lipstick, then apply lip balm again to smooth things out. Girl, you know what’s good.



Overall: 7/10

Hit or Miss? It’s okay, might not be for everyone, especially for those with chapped lips.

Worth the try? Yes.


Matte to Gloss – P310 (Cheaper prices available online)

Shade: Coral Dazzle

Coral Dazzle (Left); Coral Matte (Right)

This is also a lovely coral shade! It is pretty damn similar to the Coral color in their Be Matte Lipstick collection, however I have to say that I like this better. It has a double side, one is a ‘matte’ lipstick and on the other side is a coral lipgloss. The lipgloss is super pigmented, you can definitely wear it as it is when you are on the go. The matte lipstick is a slightly more creamer and less matte than their Be Matte line, which is amazing! I’m not a super fan of matte lipsticks, so I tend to prefer this more. Try to avoid putting lip balm under before applying the lipstick, it settles in the fine lines if you do. Apply lip balm while you are doing your foundation, blot it off, then apply this. Or you can just apply lipgloss on top and rock those shiny juicy lips. You know what’s good! ;D


Overall: 8/10

Hit or Miss? Hit!

Worth the try? Yes.


Creamy Lip Stains – P110 (Cheaper prices online)

Shade: Flirtini

Mauve-y pink color. Great to wear on an everyday basis!

It has a mousse-like formula and a doe foot applicator. Very opaque when swatched and applied. It glides on smoothly when applied, does not settle into fine lines, but does not dry down to a matte finish. It will stay somewhat glossy looking on the lips, and it transfers everywhere. Nothing will be spared. Very creamy, but has a tendency to move around if you are not careful with it. (Lip liners will solve this problem.) It is not heavy on the lips, but it does not have a long wear time and will be needed to re-applied after eating. It can last 4-5 hours if you will avoid any meals. It has a very ‘stationary’ scent when first opened, but it does go away upon application. I do like this and it is good for it’s price point! It is like a true liquified lipstick.



Overall: 7/10

Hit or Miss? It’s okay.

Worth the try? Yes.


How did it work out for you? Tell us about it on the comment section below!

Have a wonderful day you beautiful creatures!




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