City Color City Chic Lipsticks Review and Swatches.

City Color City Chic Lipsticks Review and Swatches.

Disclaimer: What works for me, may not work for you, and vise versa. Take my opinion as it is– an opinion, a grain of salt.

Disclosure: None of this is sponsored. I bought everything with my own money.

Copyright: All the pictures, thoughts, and opinions are mine. The gifs do not belong to me and is credited to their rightful owners, thank you for making amazing gifs and reactions!



City Color City Chic Lipsticks – P225 (You can get it cheaper at online stores)

City Chic Lipsticks are the first lipsticks I’ve ever gotten for myself. It was one of the first few I’ve collected while building my make up collection. There used to be so much hype around these lipsticks and every Filipino guru at that time was swatching and talking about this. I got sucked into the hype. Drugstore make up is getting better lately, lipsticks formulas are improving, prices are lowering, and is becoming more readily available. Everyone is stepping up their game, and City Color Cosmetics is a competitor brands need to look out for.

This lipstick line offers a wide variety of shades, Nudes (N), Pinks (P), Corals (C), and Reds (R).

Bottom to Top: Lady in Red, I Dare You, Get it Girl, Always Ready, Pinky Promise, Kiss Me Softly, Already Taken, Love at First Sight

Swatches taken in natural daylight

N2 Love at First Sight

Peachy-coral nude. Very peachy and quite hard to pull off, those with olive or tanned skin might be able to pull this off. It may have a tendency to look awkward on fairer skin tones.

N3 Already Taken

Brownish pink nude. Is a very forgiving color and will suit most skin tones. Those with warm undertones will love this. MLBB.

N5 Kiss Me Softly

A true nude. Not very pink, not very brown. Great for those looking for concealer lips to match with heavy eye make up. I recommend using lip liner with it because it doesn’t look good worn alone, and cannot be worn on natural no make up days.

P1 Pinky Promise

A standard pink, quite natural and is not very bright. The formula is more slick than others from this line, so it has a tendency to settle a bit on fine lines. Good for no make up days for those who like to wear pink. Great for those with cooler undertones.

C2 Always Ready

A great warm coral! It has a tinge of orange undertones that is still wearable and flattering on the lips. It is sheerer and a bit more slick than others from this line. Like P1, it has a tendency to settle into fine lines, but it is less obvious because the color is closer to the natural color of the lips.Great for those with warm undertones that prefer to wear corals rather than pinks on no make up days.

C4 Get it Girl

A bright coral pink. Is a head turner when worn and is out there to make a statement. I love using this to create that korean gradient lips style.

C6 I Dare You

A bright fiery orange. Great for the summer! Also love using this for that gradient lip look!

R3 Lady In Red

Red lipstick with blue undertones! For that classic Hollywood pin up look! It makes your teeth look white!

Formula is good. It glides on smoothly when applied and it is not a thick formula. It has a sort of creamsheen formula when applied. So that means it will stay somewhat glossy looking on the lips. It is not heavy on the lips, does not settle into fine lines, but it does not have a long wear time and will be needed to re-applied after 3 to 4 hours, like most lipsticks. It has a baby powder smell to it, but it is not bothering and the scent is undetectable when applied on the lips. Packing feels cheap, but is pretty sturdy and the cap won’t pop off unlike others and you can see the color at the bottom of the packing. It is fairly pigmented, but like most lipsticks, will need a few swipes to get its full opacity on the lips. I didn’t acquire this lipsticks all at once, but I slowly bought them by batches, so as you can judge by the fair amount of shades that I own, I do like this. One of the best at its price point! I like it enough to buy a new shades from the same brand. It is not the best out the market, but it is good for the price. If you like the colors they offer and want to try a certain shade, then go get it! Would recommend!


Overall: 8/10

Hit or Miss? Hit!

Worth the try? Yes.


How did it work out for you? Tell us about it on the comment section below!

Have a wonderful day you beautiful creatures!



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