Alba Botanica Acne Dote Skincare Line Review

Alba Botanica Acne Dote Skincare Line Review

Disclaimer: What works for me, may not work for you, and vise versa. Take my opinion as it is– an opinion, a grain of salt. I am not a skincare consultant or specialist, I do not have any medical training or background. I did my own set of research and gauged the products according to my experience of it. I highly recommend that you do your own research too and understand what better fits with your skin.

Disclosure: None of this is sponsored. I bought everything with my own money.

Copyright: All the pictures, thoughts, and opinions are mine. The gifs do not belong to me and is credited to their rightful owners, thank you for making amazing gifs and reactions!


In 2015, I’ve been slowly switching out my skincare products into organic brands and my skin has never been better and glowier. I’ve been suffering from itchy, red angry pimples and all those nasty impurities for most of my life. Despite constantly being oily, my skin is also sensitive and finicky, I get rashes easily on my face and not a lot of products play well with my skin. I can’t use a mild cleansers because it won’t be effective and I can’t use something too strong because my skin will immediately react to it. Why are you doing this, skin. What do you want from me. Please stop hating me, I’ve already stopped eating burgers.


Even my trips to the dermatologist were short lived, and did nothing to improve my skin conditions without spending a ton of money per consultation and facial session. Being more concerned about the effects of chemicals, my family switched to more organic based products and medications, this catalysed my switch to organic skincare products. Healthy Options is my favorite store to pick up these goodies. Today I’ll be writing about Alba Botanica, one of the brands they house in the store.


Claims of this Line and Ingredients Review:

Acne Dote Line’s pride is that it has 2% Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark Extract that guarantees “maximum strength”, in fighting impurities in the skin without majorly stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

  1. Salicylic acid is a keratolytic medication, meaning it was most commonly used to remove corns and callouses, it dissolves the substances that causes the skin cells to stick together, making it easier to shed the old balled up skin cells- resulting in softer skin. (, 2009) It is also more oil soluble that allows it to penetrate into the pores and thoroughly clean it, this is what makes it a popular BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid). (, 2016) With acne, the unhealthy skin cells also stick together causing clog pores and creating blackhead and acne. Salicylic acid will help in dissolving those nasty layers and give way to thorough cleaning of the pores. (, 2016)  However, the higher the concentration does not necessarily mean that it will be more effective, it also causes a lot of side effects when used in large portions, that is why this 2% Salicylic acid concentration from alba botanica is important.
  2. Willow Bark Extract is a well known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Moreover, it also contains salicylic acid and is known to be a powerful antiseptic that helps with sebum production. However, this ingredient can only be stable in acidic conditions, and the effects may be lost. (Paula’s Choice, 2015, 2012)  With this being said, there are also precautions to take when using Willow Bark Extract, there is a possibility for sun sensitivity, that means when using willow bark, one must not forget to use sunscreen to protect the skin. (Truth in Aging, 2016)

Note: I do not recommend that you use all of this products within one sitting. Your skin might not react to it well and may cause sensitivity. Your skin needs to ‘get used’ to it, so I suggest that you slowly incorporate it into your current routine.

Warnings from the brand and product line:

“Using other topical acne medications at the same time or immediately following the use of this product my increase dryness or irritation of the skin. If this occurs, only one drug should be used unless directed by a doctor.” (Alba Botanica) So guys, please take note of this precautionary statement!

Alba Botanica Acne Dote Deep Pore Wash – PHP 359.00

I’ve been using this facial cleanser since 2016, and I’m very happy to announce that this did wonders for my skin. It lives up to all its claims. I love it for the feeling it gives after you wash your face, you will really feel all your pores ‘breath’. It has a really fresh and cool minty feeling, like the cleanser is unclogged all your pores from the dirt and sebum gathered throughout the day. Yeah bitch, take that you face demons, meet your match. I absolutely love this, it is my holy grail compared to all the cleansers I have tried, I’ve blown through 5 bottles already. (Girl, I’ve been through a lot, especially high end ones. Celeteque, Cetaphil, Clinique, Etude House, Etc. Just hit me.) Once squeezed out, it has a transparent appearance. It also lathers really well and leaves skin feeling really clean, fresh, and tight after use. Immediately follow with a mild toner afterwards to rebalance your skin’s moisture. My only complaint will have to be the nozzle. You have to push it and there will be this square opening. I hate that it isn’t in a squeezy tube format unlike the other cleanser from this line, I can’t get the precise amount of product that I want, I always end up squeezing too much. But other than that, I absolutely love this– day or night. Highly recommend. You gotta give it a try.


Overall: 10/10

Hit or Miss? HIT! HIT! HIT!

Repurchase? YAS. SO MUCH YAS.

Worth the try? Go out and get your hands on this!


Alba Botanica Acne Dote Face and Body Scrub – PHP 359.00

I also absolutely adore this product! I actually used this before the Deep Pore Wash, and I still regularly use this often alongside it. This, unlike the one posted above, comes in a squeezy tube format. This product is a scrub, so once squeezed out, it has brown particles which are said to be finely ground walnut shells. This scrub is supposedly good for gentle exfoliation and back acne, and yes, it definitely is. It is really good to clean your chest or back acne, since we cannot exfoliate our bodies often, this is a good scrub to buff those clogged pores away. When my face is clogged with a lot of dirt or if I used my make up for long hours, this is my go to. It really buffs away all those dirt and oil from the skin. It gets rid of those pesky white heads effectively because of the grounded walnut. I love to use this during the night because I prefer using milder cleansers in the morning (not that this is harsh product), and it helps ‘maintain’ your skin so you won’t have to exfoliate often. (The sugar mask type mombo-jumbo exfoliation. Blah.)  Do not harshly rub it into your skin. Your skin very delicate and needs time to heal, although those red acne patches may be annoying and seem like your enemy– your skin isn’t. It is a sign of distress, try to soothe it and be patient. Give it time to rest and heal. So do not rub it in too harshly to the point where you are already hurting your skin. That is just something to keep in mind. I absolutely adore this, give it a try. You are getting a bang for your buck, I promise.


Overall: 10/10

Hit or Miss? You will have to pry it off my dead hands.

Repurchase? A thousand times yes!

Worth the try? Still waiting for you to get in the car to get this. Anytime now.


Alba Botanica Acne Dote Deep Clean Astringent – PHP 359.00

Girl, no joke, I am in love with almost everything from this line, including this pimple killing astringent. This toner is no joke, it will really kill those nasty little things, this is a must have to have in your skincare arsenal to rid of those nasty impurities. When I use this with other cleansers I am able to judge if the cleanser has thoroughly cleaned my skin or not, because this picks us impurities that my other toners may have missed. When I use a new cleanser, for example, and I still see sebum on my cotton pads soaked with this toner- that’s when I know that: “ah, this cleanser did not thoroughly cleaned my skin”. When used with cleansers from this line, no, I do not see any residue from this toner unlike other cleansers, that proves the power of this product line.  It is wonderful but it stings when applied to open wounds and active pimples, but that’s where the antiseptic ingredients of this toner play in. So check if there is blood on your cotton pad, and if so, do not use it anymore and change cotton pads and continue toning. However, be warned, I do not recommend the constant use of this astringent alongside the cleansers from this line. This product line is a heavy weight and extremely powerful, when constantly used alongside together, it will do more damage than good to your skin. It may be too harsh for our sensitive skin, and peeling may ensue. Use it together sporadically–once or twice a week.  I know we all do not mind feeling a bit of pain when there is a promise of clearer skin, but your skin is not your enemy, be kind to it and give it a break. I recommend using this astringent with your milder cleansers. Also, avoid using this on your eyes— it stings, be careful. Highly recommend! Also, I know it really shouldn’t be something to gripe about, but I hate the opening of this toner– it is just one big hole! I had to buy a smaller bottle to pour it in. So those interested in this toner, please know that!


Overall: 10/10

Hit or Miss? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Repurchase? I already have ❤

Worth the try? Darling, why are you still reading this? Get out that door and hoard on this!


Alba Botanica Acne Dote Oil Control Lotion -PHP 359.00


Out of the whole product line, this is the only one that did not agree with my indecisive skin. My skin not only hates me but hates this product too, despite being in a long faithful relationship with all the other relatives from this line.


First up, it appears white and sometimes when you squeeze out the product you will encounter little white stones that will dissolve when rubbed in the skin; it sometimes dissolves easily, sometimes it doesn’t and it hurts, you will feel it when rubbing it into the skin. So I assume that the product I got may not totally be mixed or incorporated with the whole solution. That is the first thing I noticed when rubbing it into my skin, and the next, oh gosh the next. Is the smell. Open the bottle and you can smell it already. It really smells strongly of mint and all sorts of natural antiseptics, oh gosh is it bad. That when you apply it into the skin, it will really bother you. I’m not the type that gets bothered by smell but damn. Damn. So despite smelling strongly like “katinko” or “tiger balm”, this product controls oil and sebum well. The whole day I wore it, and usually after 2.5 hours I already get oily, this is without make up and only with skincare— and yes to all things that are good, this controlled my sebum well, it was after 6 hours before the oils of my skin started making a significant comeback. I also wore it under make up and guys. Guys, I am able to wear a luminous foundation or a tinted moisturiser with this without looking like a oil factory. Of course there will be blotting and touch-ups, but I usually am not able to wear tinted moisturisers because at the end of the day, all my make up will be dissolved- credits to the oils of my face. It is very lightweight on the skin and absorbs fast. Just word of caution that this has a tendency to dry out your skin when used too much. Try avoiding the eye area when using this. This is great,  however I am sad to announce that this product breaks me out. Sigh. Yes, I don’t understand why too, but for some unknown reason I get little white heads and sometimes I acquire full blown pimples by the end of the day. This is so sad, after finding a good oil controlling lotion, my skin hates it. Such is life. Cannot recommend it because of that, but I guess it is worth the try– every skin reacts differently to the same product.


Overall: 7/10 (?)

Hit or Miss? I wish I can call it a hit.

Repurchase? No.

Worth the try? Yes. Just be cautious and regulate your skin well.


One thought on “Alba Botanica Acne Dote Skincare Line Review

  1. Hi there. Have you found a replacement for your Alba Botanica Acne Dote Oil Control Lotion that is effective for you? I mean those products that are vegan too and that’s suitable for us –with oily skin? Been searching lately. Gosh. It’s so hard to find one. 😢

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