Hits and Misses of January 2017

Hits and Misses of January 2017

Disclaimer: What works for me, may not work for you, and vise versa. Take my opinion as it is– an opinion, a grain of salt.

Disclosure: None of this is sponsored. I bought everything with my own money.

Copyright: All the pictures, thoughts, and opinions are mine. The gifs do not belong to me and is credited to their rightful owners, thank you for making amazing gifs and reactions!

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great day! Today’s topic are mini reviews of products that worked and didn’t work for me for the whole month of January.

The first US drugstore brand that I really really wanted to try the most was Milani. Milani has a great selection of wonderful products, and I adore how they are cruelty-free and do not test on animals. I have a ton of favourites from this brand (more reviews coming soon), however, this missed the mark for me.

I do a ton of research before I buy a product– we all do, because we want to get our money’s worth. So when I stumbled upon Milani Even-Touch Powder Foundation, I didn’t find a lot of blogs or online reviews about this product. The few that I found, however were positive and few bloggers really liked this powder foundation. So I thought that maybe it is one of those “hidden gems” from the drugstore.

Milani Even-Touch Powder Foundation – P500 (Approximate)

I bought this item with great expectations. And no, I was not impressed. The packing is alright, however, it isn’t something I will pay too much notice to. I am for clean packing, but this is too bulky. It comes with a mirror and sponge (that I lost).

So the thing is, you cannot pick up any product with this thing. You have to SCRAPE it off. Like it is fighting you and daring you to pick up any product from it. Okay, so once you do get some off your brush or sponge, with much tenacity and patience I assume, the product is scratchy, and not at all smooth. My fingers seem to pick up a midge of product, but my brushes do not. No matter what brush I use (kabuki, fluffy, or powder brushes), even with sponges, the feat is futile. I used it dry– and I used it wet with a blender sponge. Dry or wet it did not pick any product up at all. It is frustrating to use. It also starts to build a scab on the area I dipped my wet blender sponge into. Too much work for what it really is.Girl, you ain’t gonna wanna have some of this. A major pass.


Overall: 1/10

Travel Friendly? Yes. But I will not take it to travel.

Hit or Miss? A regret.

Repurchase? Never.

Babyface, Petit Highlighter in #2 – P150 to P250

Let’s talk about highlighters. Everybody is into the strobed look, even I am fond of highlighting even though I have oily skin. I boop the nose with that highlight and baaaammm. Dewy look but with a matte face. You girls know what’s good. I picked up a korean highlight to try on. This one from Babyface. And girl, girl do I want my money back. Cry.

It’s pretty cute. Packaged in a plastic dome case, it used to have a picture of their icon on it, but with a few uses, it fades away. Although this product is relatively “cheap”, depending on what online shop you are buying from, it is still not worth any of that money.

Concentrated swatch

As we can see from the swatch above, this product is powdery and appears very much like baby powder, nothing but thick glitters will show on your cheeks. Nobody wants to pay P250 for baby powder with thick glitters on it, it really isn’t flattering at all. As we can see, I gave this product quite a go and used it in a lot of ways, and every time I do, I just get disappointed. A major pass.


Overall: 1/10 (The packing is not cute enough to give it an extra point)

Travel Friendly? No. Too bulky.

Hit or Miss? A regret.

Repurchase? Never.

The California Driver License Face/Visage Palette. – P875

TheBalm is finally at the Philippines! Woot woot! So I went to BeautyBar to pick up this cutie! It is quite pricy, but I wanted to try something small first before I go splurging on the bigger palettes. Considering this is a high-end purchase, I had a lot of expectations from this. It has got to be pigmented, easy to blend, smooth– all that good stuff, and I happy to announce that I was not disappointed.


It is small and portable, smaller than a wallet and it is about the same size of a driver’s licence! Isn’t that cute?! The packing is just well thought out. It is made for people who are on the go and is meant to be multipurpose. I have to say, it lives up to all those claims! I’ve been using this all the time when I travel or when on the road and I need to get my make up on, fast.

Very pigmented, I love the blush the most, this is the kind of coral shade that is perfect for women with warm undertones, it really brightens your face and is not too harsh to use as an eyeshadow unlike other pink blushes. I love this on both my cheeks and eyes. Highlight is good too, very creamy but it also has the tendency to flake in the pan when you dig in to it roughly (Take note and be gentle! Don’t wanna go wasting that P800+.), a subtle and pink glow, it is really pretty. It is not the typical in-yoh-face highlight, but it is has this beautiful pink glow and is also flattering on the eyes in combination with the warm brown eyeshadow color.

The warm brown color is great for accenting the eyes, but not for brows, it is too brown for that and has a tendency to make the eyebrows appear orange. Yikes. But still a really good medium brown color and can be lightly used for contouring. The sparkly dark maroon eyeshadow on the other hand swatches kind of patchy, but is really good to set your eyeliner with and to further accent the eyes. Not a good all over lid color because it has a lot of fallouts, but still a really good shadow to deepen your eye makeup. This palette is for keeps.


Overall: 9/10

Travel Friendly? Yes.

Hit or Miss? Definite hit!

Repurchase? Maybe? If I manage to use everything up.

Etude House Dust Cut Facial Mist – P700 + (Approximate)

Fixing sprays and setting sprays are a must right now with the rising humidity in the Philippines. Sweat gets in the way, cakes the make up and worse, gathers dusts. I remembered going back home after a long day of riding the jeepney and was so shocked when I looked at my face– it was brown, like a put on bronzer all over my face. Dust, smoke and dirt collected from the fumes of cars got absorbed by my make up. Yikes!!! What the!! This ain’t supposed to be a pimple breeding ground!


So I picked this baby up when I found an online shop selling it. Picked it up in a heartbeat and paid P700 + with hopes far beyond the rainbow. Had so much expectations from it because I trust Etude House and most korean brands with their skincare items and specialties. Sadly, this product is a miss.


It comes in a really cute packing, all silver and pastel blue. It claims to create a barrier around your face to protect you from all those nasty dust and dirt. Can be used under or over make up. I used this product both ways. First, over make up, and oh boy did it make my make up cake like crazy. I use the Ellana Mineral Powder Foundation (review coming soon!), and if you guys know about it it is absolutely wonderful for acne and oily skinned ladies! I never had any major problems with that foundation and my make up always looks flawless with it, but not with this spray. Nope. I sprayed it in an arm’s length away, it smells good too, but boy did it leave my foundation with patches all over! Patches on the areas it sprayed at! I got really shocked and tried it again, and NO! Absolutely no! It made my make up really cakey and gumpy! What?! It looked so bad that retouching isn’t enough and I had to go wash my face and do my make up all over again. Huhuhu.

Disappointing product, but I decided to still get some use out of it. (Sayang P700.) So I tried it under make up, and guys. GUYS. It made me break out all over. Tiny little white head lumps all over my face after I took my make up off for the day. Mind you, I only wore that make up for 6 hours. Shocks. What the hell is up with this product. I looked up the ingredients and found that this has high alcohol content and butylene glycol in it, maybe that is what is making me break out. I am not sure, really, but all I know that I am not compatible with this spray. The spray nozzle of this bottle is also horrible, it is too stiff to press down comfortably and does not spray a fine mist. If you are interested in this product: please take note to transfer the contents into a bottle with finer mist to avoid make up caking.


Water, Alcohol, Polyester-5, Butylene Glycol, Polyquaternium-51, Ulmus Davidiana Root Extract, Amaranthus Caudatus Seed Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Ficus Carica (Fig) Fruit Extract, Fraxinus Rhynchophylla Extract,Punica Granatum Extract, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Bambusa Vulgaris Water, Rosa Centifolia Flower Water, Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Pentylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, Sodium Citrate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Citric Acid, Ceramide 3, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol

Source: Cosdna.com

My skin may be too sensitive for the ingredients so I stopped using it for a while, but just recently decided to use it again. This time, spraying from the bottom then running my face through the mist. And again, at the end of the day, my pimples got new face demon friends (so confirmed, it really is making me breakout for some unknown reason), but transferring it into a new bottle with finer mist somehow worked in not getting my face cake-y, girl. Girl, listen. P800 for a product that makes your make up cake and gives you pimps— nope. Not worth it at all.


Overall: 1/10

Travel Friendly? No.

Hit or Miss? Pimps and cake? Erm, no thanks. Move on, beh.

Repurchase? Never.

Oval Foundation Brush and Oval Eyebrow Brush – P250 and P150, respectively.

Lastly, I recently jumped into the bandwagon trying out these oval brushes. I got two. I am not sure what these are officially called, but I got mine with the name Oval Foundation Brush and Oval Eyebrow Brush. I got one with the standard black plastic packing and one that is in the rose gold packing. The one in rose gold seems to have a studier packaging than the one in black.

The foundation brush is tapered to a dome, it isn’t flat, while the rose gold is also tapered, but to the side. I like the eyebrow brush and hate the foundation brush. The foundation brush leaves a lot of streaks, the dome shape really doesn’t help to blend the foundation in, unlike that of a flat top kabuki.

It takes a long time to sweep the product, and it is a nightmare to clean. I am never sure if i cleaned it enough, although it is quite convenient to leave to dry. The eyebrow brush takes some getting used to, but works splendidly with powdered brow products, just don’t use it with pomades and eyeliner. It does not glide on well, and clumps horribly when used with gels. A meh product. Some might be good, some might be bad, either way I’m not impressed enough to be interested in picking up other oval brushes.


Travel Friendly? No, in comparison with other brushes.

Hit or Miss? Meh.

Repurchase? No. Too gimmicky, would rather stay with the regular brushes.

Do any of you tried any of the products above? How did it go for you?




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