Introduction to the blog.

Introduction to the blog.

Hi everyone! Janelle here! Happy friday!

Just recently for the last few months, I have taken great interest in make-up. I used to view make-up as something negative– something only for special occasions. I also used to suffer from cystic acne. I got really bad breakouts even at the age of 20– even though I regularly visited a dermatologist. It was really expensive too, and I still wasn’t getting better. My face was always so red and swollen. I never thought of myself as beautiful. I only got to appreciate the wonders of skin care when I started watching youtube make-up artists.

That’s when I got to experiment on using skincare products that worked, and not worked for me. I start understand my skin better, and the process helped me be more aware of what certain chemicals do.

I also learned that not all oils are actually bad for your skin.

And that vitamin C Serums must not be used during the day.

That’s also when I started to play with make-up, properly protect my skin, pamper for some occasions, and do a daily make-up routine. Make up just makes me so happy when I put it on, and it also makes me so happy when I take it off– that way i can prep my skin.

It was a tricky road, and I am still learning. So this blog is dedicated to that. I hope you’ll find some use to my reviews, suggestions, and opinions, and in exchange, I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, and recommendations!

Thank you and cheers!


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